Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality for remote Assistance

7 April 2021

HUPICO supports their clients through Remote Assisted Services

Find out how we at HUPICO use Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality for remote assistance to improve service for our customers.

Remote Assisted Support

The corona pandemic has changed our way of working completely over the past year. Remote working has become the norm to safeguard the safety of ourselves and the people around us. As a result, this often makes it difficult to perform our tasks to the full. Fortunately new technologies allow us to offer a solution to the current situation. The combination of developments in Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) software is a perfect example of this

The ability to provide remote assistance without having to travel unnecessarily can play a crucial role in this new way of working. Just think of the time – not to mention the costs – that could be saved by not having to travel unnecessary long journeys.

It may have happened to you already: a machine has broken down, but no one is present with the necessary knowledge to solve the problem. A situation in which you wouldn’t like to end up in of course, because calling someone to solve the problem can take a long time and per minute the machine isn’t running you’re losing valuable time and money.                                                                                                                                    Or maybe you’re the expert who needs to travel a long distance to solve a problem that actually only took two minutes and was very easy to solve.

Today, Smart Glasses are often still considered a “novelty”, but they have an enormous potential when you combine them with AR software in an industrial environment. With the help of AR, digital information is projected on top of the real world. This makes it possible to give live directions and make notes appear in front of the wearer’s eyes which allows for easy to follow instructions.

Remote assisted service


At HUPICO we’re always looking for ways to take our customer service to the next level. That’s why we have developed a Remote Service package for our customers where we can provide them with optimal remote service via EPSON’s Moverio Smart Glasses and the TeamViewer AR software. Our customer sets up the Smart Glasses, through the TeamViewer software we see what our customer sees and give directions using AR and via the headset. The customer saves valuable time because he doesn’t have to wait until we can get there. And we save time because we don’t have to move to remote locations. Everybody wins, everybody happy.

At Hupico we’re convinced that using Smart Glasses and AR software to provide remote assistance could be the new way of working. Not only in a situation such as the one we find ourselves in at the moment where we are required to do certain things remotely, but it also has potential for future use.

Do you think Smart Glasses in combination with AR software could be the solution for you? For more information about the Moverio Smart Glasses of EPSON or the TeamViewer Pilot software, please check out the links below or contact us.