Epson RC+ Express

Epson RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn robot teaching environment to get users up and running fast. 

This intuitive software development environment is designed for use with Epson's T-Series All-in-One and LS-B Series SCARA robots.

RC+ Express by Epson - Hupico

Epson RC+ Express is a simple, visual-based teaching environment built for users who are new to robot automation and have little to no programming experience. Quickly create common pick-and-place, palletizing and depalletizing applications with ready-to-use template programs and tutorials.

Epson RC+ Express streamlines automation with a user-friendly visual interface. Epson's own Focus Assist technology provides quick-teach tools with auto-generated fields for fast application setup, a built-in 3D simulator to visualise and refine applications, and other time-saving features.

  • Visual learning environment for new users
  • Intuitive visual user interface
  • Ready-to-use templates and tutorials
  • 3D simulator to virtually build applications

RC+ Express - Hupico

A solution that grows with you

For experienced users, Epson RC+ Express offers extended capabilities using advanced SPEL+ commands. Plus, if your industrial automation needs to grow beyond Epson RC+ Express, the more robust Epson RC+ Software offers even more advanced capabilities, plus compatibility with the entire line of Epson SCARA and 6-Axis robots.