Monorail transport systems

SMART Logistic Technology is a method of allowing the shuttles to operate the rail system of a Montrac transport system independently of a master control. 


Monorail transport systems


The Smart Logistic Technology originated from the possibility to link identity characteristics with control commands to allow track components to operate autonomously.

The master control is relieved from the duties related to the temporally and functionally correct activation of rail system control elements.

Thus, on a master control level more attention can be given to the machining processes in the processing stations.


MONTRAC configurator

The Montrac configurator is a very easy-to-use and free software within which you can create individual transport system layouts with a few mouse clicks. In the configurator, all standard components of the Montrac system are stored in a product library. With drag and drop the desired components are positioned in the configuration window. The software autonomously detects the connection points. It is also possible to import the 2D drawings of the surroundings.

The Montrac configurator can be downloaded for free from the website.


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