Programming training with RC+

Training Programmeren met RC+

Duration: 2 days

Our general training course is the perfect starting point for individuals or groups who want to learn programming with robotics. In this training we cover the basics of programming, including getting started with hardware and software, safety with robots, and the overview of function bars and windows in Windows. We also cover using the help function, entering/assigning inputs and outputs, remote I/O, learning points through the robot manager and motion functions in the robot manager. In addition, we give an overview of all motion functions, working with calculated points and the main programming functions, such as Do-Loop, Select Case, For Then Next and If then Else. Communication via TCP/IP or RS232 is also covered, along with the use of the GUI builder (optional). This training includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the learning.

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We recommend using your own PC during the training sessions so you can see for yourself what we have programmed with the simulator. We will bring a demo robot or use the robot on site.