Provide remote service with smart glasses

29 November 2021

Corona has dominated our lives for longer than expected. As COVID-19 continues to flare up even more into our daily lives and businesses, it’s important that your production processes keep going.

Service vanop een veilige afstand met de smart glasses van EPSON - Hupico

Provide remote assistance or training and stay safe

Moverio augmented reality (AR) smart glasses are designed to provide a high-quality AR viewing experience with maximum comfort. Powered by Epson Si-OLED technology, Moverio solutions offer users a number of benefits, including a wide field of view, high screen resolution, high contrast, excellent connectivity and a comfortable, customisable and easy-to-wear design.

We have 25 smart glasses on stock

We understand that things must move fast. That is why Hupico has 25 smart glasses in stock. This way, we can quickly meet your demands and deliver immediately. Solutions in motion, as soon as possible.