The possibilities of remote assistance are enormous

26 October 2022

A machine standing still costs time and money. Besides, it is always inconvenient. Repairs can take a long time, especially if a particular skill or person is needed to fix the problem.

With Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality, you get immediate on-site support.

The possibilities of remote assistance are enormous

Detect and solve production problems in no time

There are two ways to reduce your downtime; either hire more expert service staff and have them wait until something breaks, or use remote expertise and have a specialist take a look without actually being there.

HUPICO makes this option available by using AR technology. Your employee can repair a machine with a few basic skills as our expert guides him step by step.

In fact, we can watch and hear from a distance thanks to the built-in camera and microphone of the Moverio Smart Glasses.

Service as it should be

The level of customer service has greatly improved in recent decades, not least due to the increased use of the internet. Instead of having a service technician drive to a location, you can now contact us online and remotely.

The stakes are therefore high for some manufacturing companies, and the consequences can be huge. Downtime of a robot or supply line can mean a total stop of production.

With AR technology and the Moverio Smart Glasses, such as the brand new BT-45C(S), it is possible to have our expert virtually look over your employee's shoulder.

"So if you need help, your employee can immediately use an AR wearable device for personal assistance. This is how we offer you the ultimate customer service." - Johan Paul, managing director HUPICO

Optimum profitability thanks to thorough quality control

As a manufacturer, it is important to maximise yield, as unnecessary waste or defective products hit profit margins.

Remote expertise enables a more hands-on approach. Using remote assistance, we can analyse your situation to improve process and output quality. Instead of random visits, remote interventions can be embedded as a standard method within your organisation.

Service remote assistance


On-boarding of new colleagues or further training

Training is a crucial process for your employees, whether through practice, on-the-job courses or through an authorised body.

Augmented reality expertise is a new and effective method of teaching new skills, which can be applied in many ways. For example, an assembly worker can be coached in real time using on-screen AR prompts, with live commentary from our service team.

The advantages listed again

  • Shorter response times
  • Higher first-time fix rates
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower travel costs and associated CO2 emissions
  • Better work experience with increased customer satisfaction