Meet our new colleague Davy

25 November 2021

Hupico has a new commercial talent! Since 15 November, Davy Mannaerts from Lommel joins our sales team in Belgium.

Davy Mannaerts, Technical Account Manager Hupico

A new role as Technical Account Manager

 After more than twenty years of experience at well-known companies such as ASML and IMEC, Davy was looking for new perspectives.

"For years I have worked for multinationals with a huge number of employees. Now I really want to make a difference. - says Davy Mannaerts

Hupico hired a headhunter to find the right match for the role of Technical Account Manager.

"I had indicated on LinkedIn that I was looking for a new job. I was contacted very quickly. The communication went very smoothly. In no time, I had an appointment with the manager, Johan Paul. We were immediately on the same wavelength and a few weeks later everything was in place." - Davy Mannaerts

Hupico was looking for a person with technical expertise who could offer support to customers during and after the sales process. The job description seemed tailor-made for Davy. Davy will be responsible for the provinces of Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and Limburg.

Davy Mannaerts versterkt het Hupico Team als Technical Account Manager

As a Technical Account Manager, Davy plays a prominent role for Belgian clients. By being in regular contact with the client, Hupico is able to respond even better to the wishes and needs of our clients during projects.

"If you want to optimize the production of customers and make it more efficient, it is important to communicate openly and straight to the point. I have learned that through my years of experience in the Netherlands (laughs). On a technical level, I can offer added value so that the customer is guided correctly." - Davy Mannaerts

How do you like the first days?

"The atmosphere and drive of Hupico really appeal to me. It is very pleasant when you come in on your first day and are welcomed with open arms. The enthusiasm of everyone is particularly striking. You feel on all sides that this is a growth company. That just triggers my curiosity.

With the current Covid restrictions, it has been more difficult to socialize the last few days and you don't hear as much in the corridors. But this will come again. I can't wait to get to know my colleagues better in a different way."