HUPICO and EPSON have been inseparable for over 25 years

25 August 2022

In 1996, HUPICO started to distribute EPSON robots as an addition to its existing range of automation components. Looking back on this period, it was a great success. 26 years later, both parties have become true allies, reshaping the production landscape.


The partnership has only grown stronger over time. Since 2006, HUPICO has been the official BeNeLux distributor of EPSON robots used in the assembly and plastics industries.

A lasting success

HUPICO is a company with a strong growth story. This is partly due to the continuously increasing demand for robots to perform precise and repetitive tasks during the assembly process.

The success factors in production are also changing – robotic solutions are becoming a strategic tool to compete. Labour costs are also rising in lower cost manufacturing countries and changing demographics will continue to be a factor driving the need for more automation.

Partnership with EPSON

HUPICO aims to be a solution partner for its customers, not just another supplier. Thorough machine tuning and programming is crucial to the success of the robot on the production floor.

HUPICO is ready to evaluate your system requirements and provide you with an automation solution that will give you a positive ROI.