HUPICO adds the Moverio BT-45C(S) to its product range

30 June 2022

Epson announces new industrial smart glasses for remote assistance, workflow guidance and training. HUPICO immediately includes them in its product range.

Moverio BT-45C(S)

EPSON continues to set the tone

Epson, the leading global projector brand, has released its newest generation of Augmented Reality (AR) industrial smart glasses designed to meet surging European demand for industrial applications such as remote assistance, workflow guidance and training.

Thanks to the hands-free design, Epson’s new Moverio BT-45C industrial smart glasses are perfectly suited to meet the rising demand for AR. The smart glasses include a rugged head-mounted or hard-hat compatible headset, binocular Full HD see-through display, centred camera with autofocus and built-in audio, connecting to compatible external devices via USB Type-C connectivity. The BT-45CS includes the additional option of a custom-made intelligent controller that is compatible with a wide range of remote assistance and workflow guidance software applications.

Epson Moverio smart glasses can be used to connect on-site personnel with technical experts based remotely, so that information and guidance can be passed both visually and verbally using live two-way communications and help to resolve complex technical issues, assist with repair and maintenance and facilitate on-site training. 

Moverio BT-45CS

The benefits?

  • faster response times
  • higher first-time fix rates
  • increased productivity
  • reduced travel costs and associated CO2 emissions
  • better work experience with increased customer satisfaction

The BT-45 series is based on Epson’s newest generation of Moverio smart glasses technology and offers users a range of advanced features including wider field of view (FOV), significantly increased HD display resolution, high contrast, an HD centred camera enabling users to easily share their point of view, and a comfortable, adjustable and easy-to-wear headset that can be worn over extended periods of time.