A decade at HUPICO

17 November 2022

At home on all markets. A seasoned employee and a vessel of knowledge. Virginie has been a fixture on our team for ten years. That's worth celebrating!

Virginie Garnier - een decennium lang bij HUPICO

As the customer's first point of contact, you are an important pivot in our organisation. What can customers and colleagues approach you for mainly?

"Customers can come to me for spare parts quotations, order confirmations, delivery deadlines and accounting questions. My colleagues often come to me for support for quotations, orders and invoices. I am also responsible for the correct purchase of materials and goods from our suppliers. So the term 'administrative jack-of-all-trades' is right up my street (laughs)." - Virginie Garnier

Virginie Garnier - een decennium lang bij HUPICO


What path have you taken within your job so far?

"I think both HUPICO and myself have come a long way in recent years. The organisation has grown considerably, which means that as a person you automatically go through personal development. You gradually grow in your job and the responsibilities that go with it. This is how I have learned to handle a complete order from A to Z myself."  - Virginie Garnier

Initiative, creativity and flexibility are highly valued here. What do you personally get the most satisfaction from?

"It might be a cliché but every day is different. HUPICO is an SME in which you have to be able to work flexibly. As a team, we jump into the breach for each other, I think everyone here can attest to that. Most colleagues have been working here for several years so we know what to expect from each other. It is a working environment where I feel comfortable. The atmosphere is good and I still enjoy coming to the office after ten years." - Virginie Garnier

You have spent the past nine years in our old office in Gentbrugge. Today we are in a brand new office in Eke. How have you experienced the changes of the last few months?

"Very positive! In Gentbrugge, we were bursting at the seams because we were constantly recruiting new people. Currently, we have our own desks, a meeting room, a quiet room and an 'island'. So there is a suitable place for every activity. During the afternoon, we can enjoy lunch break together as a group. We also have a fantastic demo room to give our customers a clear impression of our solutions." - Virginie Garnier

Kantoor HUPICO - Eke


We certainly hope to knit on for another ten years! But how do you see your role at HUPICO in 10 years' time?

"HUPICO is growing and I would like to evolve with the organisation. By further developing my skills, my goal is to advance to a higher position. I am very driven to achieve both my own goals, and the goals of the company. If an opportunity arises, I am definitely open to accepting it." - Virginie Garnier

Virginie, thank you for your commitment and dedication over the past decade! We look forward to adding many more years together!

Virginie Garnier - HUPICO


HUPICO continues to grow and invest in a strong team....

Of course it's great to have someone like Virginie in our team and also today we continue to invest in our team. We are actively looking for a support engineer, technical sales profiles and a team lead service to take care of our installations at new and existing customers. In this way, we at HUPICO want to continue supporting our clients with a smooth, correct service.