CTESO & HUPICO join forces for major manufacturing customer

12 September 2022

In a world where everything has to be faster and more efficient, HUPICO and CTESO think in terms of solutions. We both take a critical approach to an issue and take care of an on-site installation down to the last detail.


For a large customer in the manufacturing industry, we joined forces again to deliver three tailor-made machines.

CTESO built 3 machines of which 2 are used for assembling the end products.  The third machine is used for the blister packing of the same end products.

Searching for a suitable feeding system

In order to create an efficient and optimal production environment, FlexFactory flexible feeders in combination with an EPSON robot, vision and vibratory feeders from OKU were chosen in this case. These products were chosen after a proof of concept and are fully Industry 4.0 compliant.



The solution? A combination of vibratory feeders, flexible feeders, vision and robotisation.

HUPICO integrated three FlexFeeders with storage bunker and cameras. The cameras were simultaneously connected to one EPSON image processing unit, which in turn controls the SCARA robot and the three flexible feeders. The robot then places the products very accurately at the requested destinations.

Two large, classic vibratory feeders from OKU were integrated on one machine. In this way, the requested components are transported from bulk, in a predetermined position, to the assembly machine.

Today, we integrate all these different technologies into a custom-made solution. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we can offer much more efficient and qualitative solutions to our end customers.