Epson RC+ Express: No-code, easy-to-use robot teaching environment

10 November 2021

Epson RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn robot teaching environment to get users up and running fast. This intuitive software development environment is designed for use with Epson's T-Series All-in-One and LS-B Series SCARA robots.

RC Express Hupico

Get your robot system up and running fast

Epson RC+ Express is a simple, visual-based teaching environment built for users who are new to robot automation and have little to no programming experience.

Simple to Navigate

Clear, intuitive, visual user interface makes it easy to learn and manage key functions like jogging, gripper control and motion.

Easy to Use Block-Style Teaching

Get the power and flexibility of a scripted-text programming language with a simple-to-follow, block-style format.

RC+ Express - Hupico

Quick Setup

Epson proprietary Focus Assist technology provides quick-teach tools with auto-generated fields for fast application setup.

Includes Common Application Templates

Quickly create common pick-and-place, palletizing and depalletizing applications with ready-to-use template programs and tutorials.

Automation made simple

Epson RC+ Express enables powerful automation capabilities for a range of use cases in a variety of industries. Plus, the easy visual builder interface allows you to quickly get started with industrial automation without the need of a highly-skilled engineer.

RC+ Express Robot software

A solution that grows with you

For experienced users, Epson RC+ Express offers extended capabilities using advanced SPEL+ commands. Plus, if your industrial automation needs to grow beyond Epson RC+ Express, the more robust Epson RC+ Software offers even more advanced capabilities, plus compatibility with the entire line of Epson SCARA and 6-Axis robots.