AR in the real world

7 January 2022

Provide real-time support to your customers or service technicians whenever and wherever you want. That's because our AR (smart) glasses add digital information/objects to the real world, allowing you to provide even better remote service.

AR in de praktijk met Smart Glasses van HUPICO

Not long ago, the smartphone app Pokémon Go took the world by storm and gave us a taste of what augmented reality (AR) can do.

While the app's popularity was unprecedented, Pokémon Go also exposed some of the limitations of AR technology on the smartphone platform. AR on a smartphone screen simply leaves something to be desired. Overlapping Pokémon characters on a 5-inch screen is not very compelling. And devices with a larger screen are often not mobile.

Greatly reduce machine downtime

Outside of games, one of the most compelling applications of augmented reality is remote service. After all, companies lose billions of euros every year as a result of machine downtime and machine malfunctions. The high cost of sending service technicians for maintenance, plus the costs resulting from machine downtime, cause manufacturing companies to look for better and more efficient ways of working.

Assist AR


Assist AR, formerly known as TeamViewer Pilot, is the AR remote support software for individuals and small teams.

TeamViewer Assist AR enables technicians to solve critical problems quickly with the right information. With remote AR assistance your staff is managed on site. In this way, HUPICO reduces the need for a service technician visit and helps companies make significant savings. The result: an increase in first-time fixes, remote provision of a solution, less downtime and satisfied customers.

With the integration of smart glasses, some advantages become quickly apparent:

  • Hands-free operation: your employee does not need to hold a phone in one hand and a screwdriver in the other;
  • User interface for voice commands;
  • Integrated two-way voice and video communication: your employees can talk to the experts while having a detailed view of the machine;
  • Full field of view to work with.

Frontline Creator

HUPICO also offers the Frontline Creator, a graphical tool for creating and publishing AR content. Managers on the shop floor can use Frontline Creator to easily configure and customise applications, existing workflows, user and system interfaces.

Applications include employee training, machine inspection and preventive maintenance.

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