Log!Ville and HUPICO: Joining Forces for Scalable Intralogistic Automation

5 October 2023

Log!Ville and HUPICO are proud to announce their partnership centered around the theme of "Scalable Automation in Intralogistics." Prepare for inspiring keynotes, unique tours, and an exploration of groundbreaking technologies.

HUPICO wordt trots partner van Log!Ville

Over the next few months, HUPICO will be actively engaged as a thematic partner of Log!Ville, the renowned innovation hub for the logistics ecosystem. Together, we will push the boundaries of logistics innovation and showcase the latest developments during upcoming theme tours, entirely dedicated to "Scalable Automation in Intralogistics."

From October 24, 2023, to December 21, 2023, we invite you to discover HUPICO's groundbreaking innovations during exclusive theme tours at Log!Ville.

Discover HUPICO's Innovations: Montrac's Monorail System and BeeWaTec's Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

As a thematic partner, HUPICO will present Montrac's revolutionary Monorail System and BeeWaTec's Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) during these events. This is a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with these innovative technologies that elevate your logistical processes to a higher level and prepare your company for the future.

BeeWaTec - AMR

In a world that is constantly evolving, it is crucial to strive for intralogistic processes that grow and adapt to changing business needs. During this theme, we will delve deeper into innovative automation concepts to gradually optimize intralogistics. Think of the latest generation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), AMRs, and the integration of robot pickers with goods-to-person (GTP) systems.