EPSON offers more than 300 SCARA robots

8 September 2022

With EPSON robots, HUPICO offers you more choice than ever before. With more than 300 different SCARA models, with arm lengths ranging from 175-1000mm and payloads up to 20kg, we are confident that we can offer you the ideal model with the right configuration for your application.

EPSON - 300 SCARA Robots Overview

Your production at maximum spee

EPSON SCARA robots work with high precision and impressive speed in many applications and production environments - often up to 24 hours a day. HUPICO's product range therefore includes the world's most comprehensive SCARA model series, 6-axis robots, controllers and software.

EPSON - 300 SCARA Robots

Positioning and mounting component

Manual intervention in the positioning and assembly of components can be inefficient and error-prone. It is also well known that the human arm has limited mobility. Thanks to the optimal interaction of axis 1 and axis 2, EPSON robots have maximum mobility and can accurately assemble the smallest components - every time

Testing, measuring, checking

Quality control, test runs and measurements require highly accurate recording. HUPICO connects the EPSON robots to a powerful image processing system. The sensors then give a clear notification if a device or product deviates from the tolerance values.

Pick and place

Loading and unloading conveyor belts and pallets are just a few examples of tasks the EPSON robots can perform accurately and reliably. Work cells can be converted into production islands

Curious about what SCARA robots can do for your applications?