In the past, robots always had to work inside a protective enclosure to not endanger people in the vicinity.

SCARAFLEX is a newly developed safety feature for robot applications, more specifically, for the area of the Scara robots. Normally, they have to operate within protective mechanical housing so as not to endanger nearby persons, which in turn increases the need for space – this is where SCARAFLEX comes in because SCARAFLEX lets Scara robots work without a fence, completely free of protective housing. This solves two problems with one approach – less space is required and safety is maximised.


SCARAFLEX is first and foremost an air-filled, soft synthetic skin, which envelops the Scara robot. Intelligent air pressure sensors immediately detect the slightest touch or impact (e.g. with a person) and respond instantly – the robot immediately stops moving before any risk arises.

Upgrade your existing robot

SCARAFLEX can be used with existing robots (through retrofitting) or combined with the purchase of a new Scara – and all this together with proven EPSON features (such as image processing, etc.). When no longer needed, every SCARAFLEX unit can also be quickly and easily dismantled.