Royal Smilde

Royal Smilde is an international entrepreneurial family concern since 1863.

Royal Smilde Bakery - HUPICO

The Bakery Department supplies a wide range of products to artisan bakers, retailers, food service professionals, industrial customers and consumers. Examples include pastry bases for artisan bakers, apple pies for retailers, sausage rolls for the catering industry and ready-to-bake baking mixes via supermarkets to consumers. This takes place under various own brands, in co-creation with other brands and under Private Labels.

Royal Smilde Bakery Office - HUPICO


Various product groups in multiple channels

Worldwide, the products can be found in supermarkets in Europe, the US, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and China. Years ago, this extensive product demand led Royal Smilde to invest in automating their production line using robots.

We were proud to see that the installed EPSON robots have an exceptionally long life cycle in such dusty environments. To this day, they are still performing excellently.

Further investment in robotics

In combination with increasing demand, the decision was made to invest in a new robotics line. To minimise downtime, HUPICO implemented the new robots on weekends. This way, production was maintained.

With the new range of EPSON robots, Royal Smilde sees a clear increase in efficiency and production.

"HUPICO offers quality and we noticed that in every step of the implementation process. With a concrete project plan, we have automated our production and are ready for the future." - Jan Koopal, Project Manager at Royal Smilde Bakery

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