A look back at the past year with Tibo

27 January 2022

Tibo Verbeken started working as a Support Engineer at HUPICO on October 1, '20. After a thorough Bachelor of Electromechanics with a specialization in automation processes, Tibo signed his contract at HUPICO with full conviction.

Tibo Verbeken - HUPICO

We look back on the past year and wonder what the future holds, because life doesn't stand still in the HUPICO office.

Let's go back in time. Why did you choose to work at HUPICO after graduating?

"Simple: HUPICO offered me the chance to combine programming with 'manual labour'. Once in a while I just want to roll up my sleeves. With my technical background, HUPICO offered me the perfect job mix, consisting mainly of desk work such as programming, drawing and research, but also with the necessary physical interventions. The doubt that many school-leavers experience when entering the labour market was not present in my case at all." - Tibo Verbeken, Support Engineer at HUPICO

What developments have you noticed in yourself over the last 14 months?

"I have experienced strong personal growth as the responsibilities within the company have increased. You notice that you are developing yourself. Programming and offering first-line support to customers runs a lot more smoothly than it did on my first day at work. I also see that I can get more done independently. Account managers come to me for support in their thinking and creative process. I myself get the necessary satisfaction from a challenging project that is successfully completed." - Tibo Verbeken

Your range of tasks has expanded considerably in recent months. For which matters can a customer always ask you?

"At the moment, my daily activities consist of internal projects and carrying out feasibility tests for customers. I also assist our customers with technical support, when required. I also regularly visit our customers to carry out maintenance on our products. In Belgium and in the Netherlands. That keeps it fun." - Tibo Verbeken

HUPICO is rapidly changing under the leadership of Johan Paul, the new managing director. From a new logo to additional recruitment. How do you experience these within the team?

"The changes the organisation is undergoing now are important for HUPICO's growth within our niche market. The new look of HUPICO not only radiates innovation, also our customer-oriented service is still our top priority. So it's not like we're abandoning our DNA. The joining techniques were transferred to the sister company 'Saldico'. For me, this implies that I can now focus more on programming, which is still what I came to HUPICO for." - Tibo Verbeken

HUPICO is growing rapidly. This undoubtedly opens doors for you. What do you hope to achieve with us?

"At the moment, I'm pretty much right where I am. Still, I'd like to evolve with the organisation and grow further in the organisation.  If opportunities present themselves, I will be the first to grab them with both hands." - Tibo Verbeken

Our work is not over yet

Of course we are happy to have Tibo in our midst, but our work is not finished yet. We are still looking for a Team Lead Service. This way, we at HUPICO want to continue supporting our customers with a smooth and correct service.