Hupico and BeeWaTec join forces

25 March 2021

A more efficient manufacturing process with Autonomous Mobile Robots

In recent years, the trend to switch from static to dynamic manufacturing processes within industrial automation has increased significantly.
HUPICO also closely follows these trends.

We are therefore proud to announce our new strategic partnership with the company BeeWaTec Autonomous Mobile Robots.

BeeWaTec - Hupico collaboration

BeeWaTec offers individual solutions and overall concepts for lean manufacturing, agile production and Industry 4.0 with which you can manage your work processes, production and logistics processes in an agile, efficient and safe way.

The right amount of materials at the right place and the right time

By optimizing your intralogistics with automation processes, you save not only costs, but also a huge amount of time. Autonomous Mobile Robots play an increasingly important role in industrial automation and replace traditional transport methods such as fork lifts and conveyor belts in a wide range of applications.

Dynamic and fexible automation

BeeWaTecs Autonomous Mobile Robots make it possible to offer a high degree of flexibility for your logistics structure. They adapt to the needs of your automation process without difficulty, which makes them ideally suited to increase your productivity.

We are convinced that this cooperation will be a success and look forward to what the future will bring!

For more information about what the Autonomous Mobile Robots of BeeWaTec can do for you, please check out the products below or download the BeeWaTec catalog.